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South Korean Arrested For Retweeting “Long Live Kim Jong-il”

We told you last week how it was a war crime to use a smart phone in North Korea. It’s also apparently a crime to retweet the North Korean twitter account in South Korea. Amnesty USA is reporting that Park Jeonggeun, a 24-year-old Socialist Party activist, was arrested for retweeting “long live Kim Jong-il” from North Korea’s official Twitter account. …

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Apple / Google Apps Refund Policy under Scrutiny in Korea

Many Korean consumers are growing cautious of apps available from online stores due to constrictive refund policies.  Those who find apps to be less than satisfactory are at the mercy of some inconsistent policies (if one exists at all). Apple, who is a dominant app provider has no specific rules regarding app refunds. Buyers are urged to submit a formal complaint. …

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