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MySpace Proud Of Overseas Progress
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If you thought MySpace was an American phenomenon, you thought wrong.  The company wants you to know that it’s been successful in all sorts of countries, and is continuing to expand throughout the world.

Google Korea Starts Checking IDs
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This change has been expected for a while; if anything, it’s only surprising that it took so long to be enacted.  But Google Korea has, for better or for worse, started asking for age verification following any adult-themed inquiries.

YouTube Korea Struggling
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YouTube’s recent entry into the Korean market has failed to have a strong impact there.


The number of daily visitors to YouTube English and YouTube Korean sites reached 382,000 on January 23, the day it launched according to Rankey. Com, an online traffic-monitoring firm. The numbers began to dwindle the following day and dropped to 115,000 on January 31.

Google Redesigning Korean Search
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Though Google’s strategy with the search engine is “the simpler the better,” it seems that cultural demands placed on the search giant is forcing it to tweak the philosophy a bit in Korea.

YouTube Gets Tossed Into Korea

It hasn’t had much success so far.  Yet Google seems determined to succeed in South Korea, and the next service to get launched in this market is YouTube.

Google’s Navigational Bar Goes Far (Away)

Please don’t think we’re pretending this is a drastic change – it isn’t.  It will, however, slightly alter the daily search experience of millions of people worldwide, so we’re here to report that Google.com’s navigational bar has spread to several international versions.

Google China May Get New Homepage

China is the world’s most populous country, so, from a business perspective, pulling out all the stops to impress its citizens makes sense.  And that’s exactly what Google’s doing, as a possible new homepage has come to light.

Decker: Korea One Of The Most Important Markets

Parents aren’t supposed to play favorites, and Sue Decker, Yahoo’s president, didn’t actively insult any of her company’s various arms.  She did, however, identify as Korea as one of the “most important” markets, and this has some interesting implications.

Reporters Internet Access Shut Down In S. Korea

The South Korean Government Information Agency cut Internet connections to a number of ministry pressrooms on Thursday. The move is part of an effort by South Korea to shut down what it calls collusive clubs.

Google AdSense For Search Learns Vietnamese
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Various estimates put Vietnam’s population at around 85 million.  And with a new Vietnamese version, Google’s doing its best to make sure all of those people are able to use Google AdSense for search.

Google Seen As Perfect Employer In Europe

Well, it’s (more or less) official: should Google ever decide to take over the world, most of us will be willing to aid it.  The results of a new study confirm that, in certain European circles, the search engine giant is regarded as an ideal employer.

Google Korea Sees (Sort Of) Impressive Growth

A recent wave of articles documented Google’s lack of market share in South Korea – this corresponds to an apparent lack of success.  And, while I can’t argue with that conclusion, there are signs that Google could still turn things around.

YouTube Could Launch In Korea

Effort is difficult to measure; it’s not like companies exert it in pounds or cubic feet.  Still, if I were to judge the effort Google has put into its South Korean operations, I’d guess the company has only tried harder in the US and China.  Now those rankings may change, as word spreads that a Korean version of YouTube could launch.

Google Korea Goes For Eye Candy

When a high-ranking Googler said that South Korea will “play a very critical role for Google,” I thought the company might be preparing to make some major change or concession.  Sure enough, something unusual occurred: the Korean version of Google’s famously “clean” home page was spruced up with some colors and animated buttons.

Korea “To Play A Very Critical Role For Google”

Significant, important, decisive – these words are all pretty much synonyms, though they have different shades of meaning.  But Kannan Pashupathy, Google’s Director of International Engineering Operations, didn’t pick any of them when describing South Korea’s importance to the search engine giant.  Instead, he called the relationship “critical.”

Korea “To Play A Very Critical Role For Google”

Google Korea Asks For ID

In America, Google’s SafeSearch can be disabled with two simple clicks of the mouse.  Not so in Korea – the search engine giant will, starting in August, require that users enter their name and a national resident registration number in order to conduct “searches of an adult nature.”

Google Enjoying A Korean Boost

South Korea is one of the best-connected places in the world when it comes to Internet access, but until recently Google has been unable to connect in great numbers with its tech-savvy userbase.

Windows Vista Incompatible With Korea?

On January 31, Windows Vista will hit the shelves in Korea. Microsoft’s latest operating system, however, may leave many Korean users unable to reach many of their favorite web destinations.

Yahoo Wins Some, Loses Some In Korea

It’s a bad news/good news situation for Yahoo in Korea. Yesterday, it was announced that the nation’s second largest portal intends to make a deal with Google when its agreement with Yahoo runs out. Today, however, Yahoo renewed its “search marketing distribution” partnership with Korea’s largest portal.

Google’s New Master Plan

Like many other multi-billion dollar corporations, Google has long since based its commercial pursuits on a singular, master plan. The company’s vision, it seems, is on the verge of major restructuring.

Google Gets Porn Lecture From Korea

South Korean government officials are shaking their fingers at Google for not having an age verification system to prevent minors from accessing adult material By default, say officials, the search engine is leading them there.

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