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Martin Scorsese Defends Kodak’s Production of Film

In January 2012, things could not have looked worse for Kodak. After 123 years of filmmaking, the company, created by George Eastman, had applied for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and looked destined for ultimate failure. Surprisingly, though, Kodak was able to stay on its feet and continue production a little over a year and a half later behind the supervision of …

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Kodak Bankruptcy: Company’s B2B Transition

Eastman Kodak Company, in a 20 August decision filed by the US Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York, received approval for a reorganization plan that may eject Kodak from Chapter 11 bankruptcy as soon as 3 September. Kodak filed under Chapter 11 on 19 January 2012. In the interim, Kodak has been at work selling off what …

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Apple, Google, and Others Join to Buy Kodak Patents

In a move that proves the patent lawsuits flying back and forth across the tech world are “strictly business,” Apple, Google, Samsung, LG, HTC, and other tech companies are coming together to bid on the Kodak patents currently up for auction. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the tech companies and patent troll companies who have been bidding on …

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Kodak Announces Shutterfly Takeover

Last month, camera and film giant Kodak announced Shutterfly would be buying out their online gallery for $24 million, and today sent out a press release regarding the acquisition and what it will mean for users. The Kodak Gallery is important for users of their products, as it houses images and stores them online for free; many were worried a …

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Shutterfly Soars with Pending Kodak Gallery Acquisition

After buying TinyPrints last year for $300 million, Shutterfly is about to acquire parts of Kodak’s online photo service for $23.8 million dollars. Kodak is parting out its Gallery after filing for bankruptcy. The agreement will transfer U.S. and Canadian customer accounts to Shutterfly. Current Kodak customers who are in opposition to the transfer can select to opt out of …

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Apple Seeks Permission To Sue A Bankrupt Kodak

It’s bad form to kick a man while he’s down. It’s even worse form to sue a company while their filing for bankruptcy. Bloomberg is reporting that Apple is requesting approval to file a lawsuit against Kodak, the beleaguered camera company that filed for bankruptcy last month. Apple alleges that Kodak is infringing on their patents that cover printers, digital …

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Kodak To Stop Selling Cameras To Cut Costs

Kodak, who recently filed for bankruptcy, has announced they will stop making digital cameras to cut costs. Reuters is reporting that Kodak is also halting production of pocket video cameras and digital picture frames in the first half of 2012. Kodak announced that they were filing for bankruptcy last month after failing to adapt to modern technologies that it helped …

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Kodak Launches Facebook Photo Album App

Kodak has introduced a “Social Photo Album Creator” for Facebook that lets people combine photos from the site and work with others to make an album together.

There are three steps to using the Social Photo Album Creator:




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Kodak Gallery Launches iPad App

Online photo service, Kodak Gallery has released a new free application for the iPad.

 The Gallery HD iPad App for Kodak Gallery is aimed at helping users upload, browse and share photos stored on the Kodak Gallery directly on the iPad.




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