Cuil Is A Pretty Cool Search Engine

Cuil Is A Pretty Cool Search Engine

By Dan Morrill July 28, 2008

Take a test drive of Cuil this morning; you will be surprised at what you find.

It has been a while since a new product has come out on the market in the search engine space that actually works well, and is actually fairly interesting in how they present data. Cuil was released to the public this morning, and it is truly something very cool.

Global Terrorism Database Made Public

It isn’t an accident; the world’s largest database of terrorism attacks has been made available for researchers of all types.

Web 2.0 Expo & Knowledge As Power
With 10,000 people at Web 2.0 Expo, a curtain was pulled back to reveal the room adjoining the echo chamber.  With more people than Techcrunch subscribers, you had to ask, "who are these people?"  Oh, right, our markets and communities.  People of the web, perhaps with more zeal or entrepreneurial interest than people who "get their news from the web."  The diversity was really refreshing although after helping out on both the Socialtext and SuiteTwo booths, it was exhausting.

Aggregate Knowledge and Bazaarvoice Partner

Aggregate Knowledge and Bazaarvoice have teamed to integrate their user-generated product reviews services and will offer it to their mutual ecommerce customers.

The integration will allow online shoppers access to the personal experience of others as they shop for items online. Integrating user-generated reviews into the Aggregate Knowledge Discovery Services platform will add value to customers shopping for products online.

Online Video Advertising To Grow

TV producers are seeing value in shows after they air. Just as DVDs boost movie revenues, DVD sets of TV shows are selling well, along with iTunes downloads of individual shows for $1.99.

Rebroadcasts are proving beneficial for TV show sponsors who support hosting on the TV shows sites. This will likely grow the online video advertising beyond its current status.

StuntDubl’s Friday Favorites

I missed last week (My laptop started with the “laptop death rattle” – so it was a scramble to do data backups, find and migrate to a new machine). One of the worst parts of being a solo shop is being your own IT guy. Excuses aside – here’s twice the friday favorite goodness for this week.

Knowledge Management Book Review

I have been reading this short book on knowledge management, by Carl Frappaolo, on and off since the Delphi Business Process Innovation Summit.

Knowledge Management – An Evolving Discipline

Knowledge Management (KM) refers to a range of practices and techniques used by organizations to identify, represent and distribute knowledge, know-how, expertise, intellectual capital and other forms of knowledge for leverage, reuse and transfer of knowledge and learning across the organization.

Landing Pages and the Customer’s State of Knowledge

I wrote before about creating landing pages completely focused on the use of words that your customers use.

Social Networking in Corporations

The concept of social networking has been around in management research circles since the 1950s but advances in computing technology and the runaway success of online social communities has rekindled interest in the topic within business organizations.

Social Commerce and Fatigue

“As much as people want to connect through the Internet, the practice also can have the opposite effect: Social Networking Fatigue,” so says the article Social Sites Becoming Too Much of a Good Thing (via: SteinBlog).

Filling The Knowledge Gap With SNCR

I’ve been working in the background the last few months with Jen McClure on the SNCR Research Symposium and Awards Gala, which took place earlier this week in Boston.

Baeza-Yates Plans Knowledge For Yahoo

Ricardo Baeza-Yates joined Yahoo from the Center for Web Research in Chile in January 2006 and chatted about his plans for Yahoo Research on Yahoo’s Search blog.

An Internet Marketing Quiz; Test Your Knowledge
· 3

Question – If I need to target a specific region, is it helpful to have a domain from that country?

Ways Businesses Can Use Social Networking
· 6

Here are the top ten (and two bonus) ways that businesses, associations and organizations can use social networking in the professional sphere.

Active Decisions Changes Knowledge With KNOVA

KNOVA Software, which describes itself as “a leading provider of Intelligent Customer Experience applications,” has acquired a company that is also, according to the press release, among the elite in its field.

Help-desk Knowledge Base Importance

Knowledge management is a concept, whereby, companies organize and present information to their customers regarding product usage.