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Two Teenage Girls Take Selfies Before Robbery

When you’re a teenager influenced by a hubris culture, taking a picture of yourself (a “selfie” as they say) and your friend wearing ski masks and clenching knives is the only way to show how cool you are, even if it’s used against you in a court of law. Such is the case with a 17-year-old girl and her accomplice. …

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Amanda Knox Trial: Victim’s DNA Not on Kitchen Knife

If you weren’t sure whether to believe in Amanda Knox’s innocence, a DNA test performed on the infamous kitchen knife may help to finally clear her name. Knox’s laywer, Carlo Dalla Vedova, is currently in Florence, Italy while the case against Knox and her former boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito is once again being heard in an appeals court. In Italy, there …

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Queen Elizabeth II Sought By Man Wielding Knife

Security guards were on alert at Buckingham Palace in lieu of a recent event in which a man armed with a six inch knife tried to gain access to Queen Elizabeth II. Forty-four-year-old David Belmar, who has a history of mental illness, attempted to reach the Queen to discuss concerns about his state welfare payments. Though the breadth of his …

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