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Game Of Thrones: Town Changes Name For DVD Release

All of you Game of Thrones fans will find this interesting. As you probably know, the Game of Thrones DVD is scheduled to be released on February 18. To coincide with the release, a British town called Kings Langley, that is located in located in the county of Hertfordshire just outside of London, will be renamed after the HBO series’ …

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Game of Thrones Promoted by Town’s Name Change

When an HBO producer heard the name of a town announced while waiting for a train at a station in London, he got a great idea. On February 17, the historic town of Kings Langley in Hertfordshire, England, will be officially renamed for seven days to match the fictional capitol of the Seven Kingdoms on HBO’s Game of Thrones. Kings …

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Game of Thrones Minecraft Project Maps King’s Landing

Game of Throne fans, your favorite Minecraft project has arrived. A King’s Landing map picked up on reddit, generating a large enough buzz that it made its way to me. According to their website, there are 5-7 people working on its construction, and as of February 27th, they’re 10% done. Looking pretty hefty already for a project being 10% completed. …

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