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Kindle Worlds Nabs Licenses For G.I. Joe, Veronica Mars And More

In 2013, Amazon launched Kindle Worlds as a way to let fans write fan fiction and sell it via the Kindle digital publishing platform. It was kind of a brilliant idea since it keeps fans engaged with a franchise when it’s off the air and it nets the licensees extra money for work it doesn’t have to do. Since then, …

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Amazon’s Fan Fiction Store Is Officially Open

Remember when Amazon announced Kindle Worlds back in May? The service would allow writers to create and sell fan fiction based on a number of licensed properties, like Vampire Diaries. It’s an incredibly innovative approach to fan fiction, and now it’s available to all. Amazon announced today that the Kindle Worlds Store is open for business. The store launches with …

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Kindle Worlds Will Pay You To Write Fan Fiction

Fan Fiction is awesome, right? It’s a way for fans to better engage with their favorite brands, and some franchises actually gain new fans thanks to fan fiction. Amazon wants to capitalize on it while paying authors for their trouble. Amazon announced Kindle Worlds today – a new publishing platform that licenses popular series and then allows amateur authors to …

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