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Amazon (Appropriately) Opens Up Kindle Store in Brazil

Today, Amazon makes another move in global expansion with a launch in one of the biggest countries in the world (and their likely namesake destination) -Brazil. Starting today, is the new home to 1.4 million Kindle books priced in Reals. Of these 1.4 million titles, Amazon says that over 13,000 of them are in Portuguese. Amazon is also bringing …

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Kindle Paperwhite To Be The First Japanese-Language Kindle

One of the more overlooked announcements from Apple’s event yesterday was that the iBooks now has support for Asian languages. Chinese, Korean and Japanese are all available in native right-to-left format with their own stores to support the titles available in these countries. It seems the announcement has forced Amazon’s hand to announce their own Asian expansion. Amazon announced today …

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Amazon Eliminates Kindle Store Spam

Amazon has announce that they will finally call an end to junk content on the Kindle Store, including things that are available for free on the internet. This includes public domain titles and “fast cash” internet garbage. They have set new rules for public domain and “other non-exclusive content”. Amazon made the announcement through an email to Seth Godin at …

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