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KinderStart Case Against Google Dismissed
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Almost a year after KinderStart sued Google for dropping it from the search engine’s index, the presiding judge has put an end to the case by siding with Google’s requests.

Judge Dismisses KinderStart’s Google Claims

KinderStart.com’s attempts to convince a judge that Google had unfairly lowered its PageRank, were dismissed last week.

Ranking Suit Against Google Dismissed

KinderStart will amend its complaint against Google for effectively dropping the KinderStart website from its index when Google assigned the company a zero PageRank.

KinderStart And Google Differ On Opinion

Attorney Greg Yu characterized PageRank as “not a mere statement of opinion” due to the nature of how Google’s algorithm calculates PageRank.

KinderStart Lawsuit Googles Up Opinions
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As one lawsuit ends, Google finds another one cropping up in the wake of its victory over the Department of Justice; plenty of opinions have followed the news of the new litigation.

KinderStart Sues Google Over PageRank
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KinderStart filed suit yesterday in U.S. District Court in San Jose alleging that Google improperly “blacklisted” its website.