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Eminem’s Daughter Is All Grown Up and Famous

Eminem’s daughter Hailie Jade Scott Mathers is 19 years old now. It seems like just yesterday we were watching Eminem and Kim duke it out in the pages of the tabloid press, and watching Hailie along for that ride. The image most still hold of Eminem’s daughter is a lot like the image we have of Kurt Cobain and Courtney …

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Kim, Kanye Buy Mansion To Renovate

Kim and Kanye are now not only expecting a baby together, they’re buying property together, as well. The star couple announced during the holidays that they are excited to be the proud expectant parents of a child whose name will undoubtedly begin with a K, and while some believe the news is just more fodder for Kris Jenner to expand …

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MegaUpload Founder Posts Bail, Twitter Reaction

Kim Dotcom, founder of MegaUpload, was released from jail today on bond, after a New Zealand court deemed that he wasn’t a flight risk. Though the NZ Crown might appeal the decision to set Dotcom free for the time being, it had been deemed that it is unlikely that he would be able to access the funds to flee the …

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