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Tamir Rice: Cleveland Police Kill 12-Year-Old Boy, City Says He Caused His Own Death

Last year, 12-year-old Tamir Rice was shot and killed by a police officer outside a recreational center in Cleveland. It was later revealed that Rice was carrying a toy gun. Rice’s family filed a wrongful death suit against the city of Cleveland. Now, the city of Cleveland has responded to the suit saying that it was Rice’s own fault why …

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Suzanne Basso Executed in Texas For 1998 Murder

Suzanne Basso’s life came to a quiet end today, standing in stark contrast against the atrocities the woman and a few other people dealt to a mentally disabled man by the name of Louis “Buddy” Musso. Basso convinced Musso to live with her and then proceeded to take over his social security benefits. She then took out insurance policies for …

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Elkhart Shooting At Martin’s Supermarket Leaves 3 Dead

Elkhart police officers fatally shot a man suspected of killing two women at a Martin’s supermarket Wednesday night. The suspect identified as Shawn Walter Bair, age 22, is reported to have used a semi-automatic handgun to shoot 44-year-old Rachelle Godfread and 20-year-old Krystle Dikes at approximately 10 p.m. Bair who is from Elkhart, lived nearby and was well known at …

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Rich Kid DUI, Gets 10 Years Probation For 4 Deaths

According to TIME, a 16-year-old in Keller, Texas was convicted of manslaughter after driving drunk and crashing into another vehicle that resulted in the death of four people. Because the kid is rich and suffers from “affluenza”, he wounded up getting 10 years of probation and mandatory psychological treatment. A·fflu·en·za [aa-floo-en-zah] noun 1. In Layman’s terms: being so spoiled with …

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300LB Probation Officer Kills Jack Russell Terrier

  In one corner you have Antoine Jones; he’s a six-foot tall, 300lb probation officer armed with a handgun. In the other corner, you have Patches; she’s a two-year-old, 12lb Jack Russell Terrier. According to FOX 31, on Monday, October 7th, officers Antoine Jones and Ronnie Simmons visited Cherrie Shelton’s home at the Loblolly Mobile Home Park in Albany, Georgia …

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Trayvon Martin Case Won’t Be Heard By Grand Jury

Florida state appointed special prosecutor Angela Corey said Monday she will not take the Trayvon Martin shooting death before a grand jury. Under Florida law, only first-degree murder cases require the use of grand juries. Corey said her decision to skip the grand jury shouldn’t be considered a factor in determining whether charges will be filed against George Zimmerman, the …

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