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Joss Stone Would-Be Killers Get Reduced Sentence

Kevin Liverpool and Junior Bradshaw could have killed Joss Stone. The songstress may have narrowly escaped being beheaded by these two blokes. In June of 2011, the two men travelled from Manchester to the where Stone lived in Devon. They were armed, they were determined, and they had a plan. They were going to cut Joss Stone’s head off and …

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Lizzie Borden Case Still Fascinates And Frightens

Lizzie Borden may be among the most notorious and well-known suspected criminals who literally got away with murder; however, the case is still classified as unsolved. Tragically, Lizzie Borden’s claim to fame is that she may be forever immortalized for her suspected involvement in the murder of her father and her stepmother as depicted in the following verses: Lizzie Borden …

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Web Searches for Dead Manson Follower Susan Atkins

Susan Atkins, one of the members of the Manson Family (followers of Charles Manson), who infamously killed Sharon Tate in 1969 has been reported dead, and as a reflection of the morbid curiosity of the general public, Google shows that Atkins searches have become a hot trend (current rating: "spicy").

Susan Atkins Death - Hot Trends

Related searches appear on the list at least five other times.

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