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Anti Sea World Ads: PETA Knows How To Make ‘Em

The San Diego International Airport has decided that they will allow an anti Sea World ad to be posted in the terminal. The ad will be allowed to stay in the terminal for a month. The ad was created by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and will appear in the airport on Thursday. The airport’s decision to allow …

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SeaWorld Appeal Denied: Federal Law Deemed Violated

Nearly four years after the fatal drowning of a SeaWorld employee, an appellate court upheld a finding that SeaWorld had violated federal safety laws. The Occupational Safety and Health Act or OSHA requires that employees be allowed to work in an environment that is free from threats to their health and safety. When employers fail to ensure the work environment …

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Trace Adkins Drops SeaWorld Performance Amid “Blackfish” Controversy

Add Trace Adkins to the long list of musicians who have already dropped their shows at SeaWorld. While it was originally just the animal activists fighting for the treatment of the whales, everyone is starting to join in, and realizing how poorly the orcas are treated while in captivity. Amid the controversy surrounding the theme park since the release of …

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SeaWorld Killer Whale Team Battles OSHA in Court

SeaWorld is a popular destination the world over for the up-close-and-personal viewing people are able to experience with sea life. In the past, trainers were actively involved in water presentations with some of the marine creatures. However, the tragic death of 40-year-old trainer, Dawn Brancheau, spiraled the entertainment company into legal concerns with (OSHA) the Occupational Safety and Health Administration …

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