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Daniel Radcliffe: A Talent Beyond Harry Potter

Daniel Radcliffe is determined to distance himself from his Harry Potter persona, but he’s not going to go all “Miley” to do it. In an profile in the pages of the New York Times entitled, “Harry Who?”, Daniel, 24, opens up about his struggle to prove that he is a very serious and quite talented young actor, while still appreciating …

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Daniel Radcliffe Channels Ginsberg in ‘Kill Your Darlings’ Trailer

Earlier this year, a film by first-time director John Krokidas titled Kill Your Darlings gained positive buzz at the Sundance Film Festival. The movie is a semi-historical account of the event surrounding the murder of David Kammerer in 1944. The movie brings together several young actors to play beat-generation writers in 40s New York City. Notably, Daniel Radcliffe of Harry …

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Radcliffe “Out” Cover Has Fans Talking

Daniel Radcliffe has made great efforts in recent years to move away from his “Harry Potter” persona, taking a highly talked-about role in the stage production of “Eqqus” in 2007–in which he appeared nude–and a controversial role in the upcoming Allen Ginsberg flick “Kill Your Darlings”, in which he’ll participate in a gay love scene. Radcliffe spoke recently about the …

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