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Pamela Anderson Remarries Ex-Husband Pamela Anderson Remarries Ex-Husband

New haircut. New hobbies. New ring. New husband. Well, sorta new husband. Pamela Anderson surprised everyone when she showed up at the Sean Penn & Friends Help Haiti Home Gala Friday with a drop-dead gorgeous diamond ring on her finger. …

Celine Dion making her way back on the map Celine Dion making her way back on the map

What’s new in the world of Celine? She’s been out of the mainstream for almost a decade. She has been tucked away in Las Vegas for the majority of the last seven years performing at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace …

Summer Tour Prices Have Been Capped Summer Tour Prices Have Been Capped

There’s truly nothing like having the blissful summer air to welcome beautiful outdoor activities. Baseball is America’s pastime, yes, but there’s absolutely nothing like the pairing of a warm summer night, the sound of music and applause with the most …

iTunes Killing The Album? Or Is It White Noise?

 From the Billboard to The Wall Street Journal, the debate rages on. Has iTunes killed the album? Would Kid Rock have sold more or less if he’d gone on iTunes. (LESS) Was Atlantic smart to pull the Estelle single off iTunes just as it was climbing the chart?