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Playboy Radio Supports Rush Limbaugh’s Use of the Word Slut

Playboy Radio’s morning show hosts on Sirius support Rush Limbaugh in his right to call Sandra Fluke a “slut”. Andrea Lowell and Kevin Klein often use politically incorrect speech themselves and seemed perplexed as to what is so wrong with using the word slut. Andrea Lowell stated that she often uses the word “slut” when talking to friends and sometimes …

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KFI Radio Hosts John & Ken Suspended After Whitney Houston Remarks

The United States Constitution might guarantee freedom of speech, but it doesn’t protect people from the repercussions that result from acting like a jerk while you’re on the job. That second point is even more salient when you work in the media and you tactlessly extol why certain people deserve to die. That was the lesson KFI radio hosts John …

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