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Utah vs. Google: Trademark Debates Heat Up
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The Utah State Legislature has passed a bill that would make it illegal to purchase keywords relating to a competitor’s product in order to show up alongside them in search results. The Trademark Protection Act has come under much public scrutiny, most notably by Google.

Utah Law Bans Competitor Keyword Bids

The Utah State Legislature has passed a Trademark Protection Act that creates a new type of mark called an electronic registration mark; it probably will not survive a Constitutional test according to the state’s own general counsel.

Microsoft AdCenter: An Insight

Over the past one year of its launch Microsoft adCenter has grown a lot. Won’t say that it matches up with Google’s adWords and Yahoo’s ad serving system but still it is doing a remarkable job.

A brief history, Microsoft adCenter was launched in March 2006 in US. It became live in UK in August and in February this year in Canada.

Travelocity: 96% Of ROI From Branded SEM

Travelocity’s chief marketing officer Jeffrey Glueck recently spilled out some ROI numbers on paid search that has the industry buzzing. Glueck said 96 percent of Travelocity’s conversions came from branded keywords used for paid search.

Pet Food Scare Sends Searchers Chasing Answers
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When news of a major pet food recall got out, pet owners hit the search engines over the weekend worried about their furry best friends.

One dog, nine cats. That’s the death toll so far in a mysterious outbreak of kidney failure linked to Menu Foods, Inc.’s various pet foods distributed by well-known grocers like Kroger, Safeway, Wal-Mart, and PetSmart.

Six Ways to Find Keywords

Keyword research is one of the most important parts of a pay per click campaign so how do you go about identifying as many relevant words and phrases as possible? Here are some techniques:

The Best Keywords

No, I’m not going to give you a list of most searched or most clicked keywords or whatever. Instead I’m going to talk about how to determine which keywords will be the best for you.

Google SEO

Often times we are asked how we optimize for one search engine (Google) and expect to rank well for the other two engines (Yahoo! and MSN). This question is usually followed up with “do you guys create different doorway pages for each keyword, that is optimized for each algorithm?”.

Google Shares Quality Score, Changes AdWords Algo.
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Google is planning changes for its AdWords Quality Score. First of all, they will let us see the Quality Score. A mail to the same effect was received by Shimon Sandler. The mail read that:

Google To Reveal Quality Scores

Ever since Google first announced that it would implement quality score into its methodology for calculating bid prices for keywords, an air of mystery has surrounded the process and has left many participants in the search company’s AdSense network scratching their collective heads in frustration.

Structuring Your Website

Though you could read about the overall process of creating natural websites and integrating all aspects of web design, SEO, usability and accessibility in the process before, some more information about structuring your website may be useful as well.

Common PPC Mistakes

As I manage quite a few PPC campaigns I always notice the silly and sometimes not so silly mistakes that advertisers make with their PPC programs.

Adsense Should Allow Filtering by Keyword

EGOL recently made a post on the SEOmoz blog about one of the major shortcomings of Adsense: the lack of a feature to set negative keywords for the contextual ad matching.

Double Your CPC by Checking Blog Post Keywords

Here’s a tip for all the bloggers out there trying to monetize their blogs with Adsense:

Yahoo! Directory Registration

SEO Question: Is a Yahoo! Directory registration worth it? How do I know what directories are worthwhile? What directories should I submit to? Do you have any good site submission tips?

Choosing the Right Words in Keyword Selection

Selecting the right keywords can help give a website a huge boost in visitor traffic. Webmasters who choose the wrong keywords to target often end up with less than desired numbers of visitors.

Ad Position and Bid Influence

This screen shot is from a test campaign I ran this week (to see full size versions of screen shots here, click on them). The drilldown on any ad group’s bid or individual keyword bid allows you to project how bids will translate into ad positions and their expected click volumes in the upcoming month. This is just for a single keyword, “interior decorating.”

Crank Up The SEM Keywords

Yahoo Store aficionado Rob Snell, who speaks and has written about Yahoo’s online marketplace, wants to make sure everyone has converting keywords so they can make lots of cash.

Selecting The Right Search Engine Keywords

Think of the right keywords as the Open Sesame! of the Internet. Find the exactly right words or phrases, and presto! hoards of traffic will be pulling up to your front door.

SEO for the MSN Search Engine
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The giant Microsoft Corporation has made some inroads the search engine fray since the launch of its new MSN search engine.

Search Engine Optimization: Beyond Search Keywords

The words people type into a search box are not always the words they like to read when they click on the search result. Here’s why.