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Turning Content Into a Valuable Keyword List
One of the comments on the article I wrote for Wordtracker mentioned WordsFinder, which allows you to create a list of keywords from a piece of content. Their tool uses the Yahoo! Term Extraction Tool, and also provides a few additional keywords next to the results.

Three other easy ways to get similar information are

Cutts Pokes Fun At Keyword Stuffer
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Crying about Google ignoring your keyword stuffed web pages just gives Matt Cutts and the rest of the SEO world something to gleefully mock.

Keyword Search: Google Vs. Yahoo

Small and mid-size companies rate Google’s keyword search offering as better than Yahoo’s according to a study by Outsell that examined company’s ad budgets by business size.

Keyword Placement in Title Tag Case Study

According to search ranking factors done by SEOmoz, your keyword in your title tag is the upmost importance, but the placement of that keyword in your title tag has been debated. Some believe that placing your branding first and then kewyords in your title tag causes little or no difference when optimizing a page in the SERPS. I am going to finally uncover this once and for all.

Price Of Competitor Keyword Data: One Subpoena

A revived squabble between two recreational flooring companies has resulted in Google being subpoenaed for some of its keyword purchase data. The full implications of the order are not yet known, but third parties are nervous about being pulled in, and others worry about competitive data being de facto purchased through the courts.

Competitor Keyword Suits Not Doing Well

Those bringing lawsuits claiming that bidding on competitor trademark keywords is a form of infringement aren’t doing well in court. Though a few cases have made it past one court or another, those and others are getting caught up in the Second Circuit.

Keeping Up With The Joneses Online

The competition would love nothing more than to shove your site so far down in search engine results that a -30 penalty would be an improvement.

Keyword Report: Indiana Has a Beach?
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Searches for beach information have spiked, according to Yahoo, just in time for the start of summer. Searchers are even looking for beaches in Indiana.

Long Tail Keyword Research

Not long ago I blogged about Crazy Egg Website Conversion Tests, which I thought was a pretty neat little tool.

One of our readers suggested trying HitTail, which is certainly not the same thing, but is very, very useful for anyone trying to learn something about a website’s visitors.  It is a long-tail keyword research tool.

Google Adwords Expanded Broad Match

Be careful when using broad match keywords in a Google adWords campaign.

Judging Keyword Competition

No I am not talking about the infamous Google Page Rank meter. I am talking about the newer search volume meter shown inside Google’s External Keyword Tool.

SMX: Pumping up Paid Search

Moderated by Jeffrey K. Rohrs, VP, Agency & Search Marketing, ExactTarget

Microsoft Explains AdCenter Keyword Rejection
A thread at SERoundtable informs that Microsoft AdCenter takes out the time to explain in detail why certain keywords get rejected.

Reasons cited were:

SMX: Pump Up Paid Search
Once again, the diligent Jeffrey K. Rohrs,(VP of Agency & Search Marketing for ExactTarget), takes up Moderator duties for the second times on Pump Up Your Paid Search! Which discusses ‘tips and techniques designed to help pros get even more out of their paid search campaigns’.

Top 10 Free SEO tools

Have you ever wondered which are the best free SEO tools available on the Internet?  Well here is my top ten list, so listen closely. 

SEW Live – Keyword Advice From the Pros
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There’s a lot of minutiae in managing a keyword campaign. It doesn’t seem to be merely an exercise to test your tolerance for tediousness, though – at least it pays off in the end. At SEW Live in Columbus, OH, the panel of keyword campaign experts dropped a ton of tips to act as headlamps as you dig down into the keyword mines.

Note: The information presented here pertains to CPC content (contextual) advertising, not CPC search advertising.

Yahoo Keyword Inventory Tool on Life Support

If you’re a fan of the YSM Keyword Selector Tool (aka Overture Inventory Tool), I have good news and bad news for you. Yahoo Search Marketing is no longer supporting the tool, but the company is planning an update to the information.

Here’s part of the email I received from them…

Yahoo Looks Into Keyword Effectiveness

Yahoo Search Marketing has been working with one of its travel advertisers, Pleasant Holidays, on an analysis of multi-channel keyword effectiveness.

Google Cozies Up To Four State Governments

Arizona, California, Utah, and Virginia will partner with Google to make their public information more readily available online.

Google and Ads That Profit from Tragedies
The New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, Fox News, and many other news organization web sites have bought keyword ads for terms related to the Virginia Tech tragedy.

Google AdWords Broad Keyword Matching

Google AdWords provides four keyword matching choices, “broad”, “phrase”, “exact” and “negative”.

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