The Importance of Online Brand Reputation

The Importance of Online Brand Reputation

By Mike Fossum May 2, 2012 | 2 Comments

The kind folks at DKC News just sent over an infographic covering some stats on the importance of online reputation for emerging small businesses, to compliment Yahoo! Small Business’ launch of it’s new Marketing Dashboard today. Yahoo’s data points out …

SIM – Microsoft adCenter Add-in

The goods: Microsoft adCenter has a new product rolling out next month. A plugin (”Add-in”) for Excel will give marketers access to automatic tools to generate keywords, expand keyword lists, get actual traffic and demographic data—as in real numbers. If you haven’t seen a demo yet, let me tell you: this looks very cool. Here are my notes from Microsoft’s presentation and demo at the Search Insider Summit today.

Yahoo Harnesses Search For Keyword Inserts

Make the generic become more specific, and viewers of a marketer’s ad appearing in Yahoo Search may be more inclined to visit.

PubCon – Organic Keyword Research
Developing keyword lists is a mission critical step for organic search engine optimization. This panel will review how to mine keywords, research keywords, expand keywords, and refine keywords.

PubCon – SEO Design, Organic Site Structure
Site design is critical for quality indexing and rankings. There are pit falls that are not apparent. This session will take a top down approach to designing a modern website.


  • Todd Friesen


Keywords Still the Foundations of SEM Campaigns

Keywords are still the foundation that build all search marketing campaigns. This session will look at researching and developing a killer keyword list for a site or special project. It will also look at tools available to automate the task of finding keywords and phrases.

PubCon: The Keyword And The Tiger

Choose correctly, and keywords will make one’s career. Choose poorly, and becoming SEO tartare for the competition may be the least of one’s career worries.

Basic Keyword Strategy & Tips

Keyword Research Tips

AdWords Quality Score Keyword Analysis Service
Inside AdWords introduces the Quality Score Keyword Analysis Service which will help advertisers provide more information about the Quality Score for their keywords.

Google Helps With Keyword Analysis

The vagaries of keyword Quality Scores for AdWords have caused advertisers to ask for more information from Google.

Shop.org Summit: Dangers Of Keyword Research
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Looking for great keyword choices for your ad campaign? What you’ve found so far could be damaged goods.

The Legal Liability of Keyword Metatags?

Nobody really debates too much about keyword metatags anymore. Google and MSN ignore them, Yahoo and Ask don’t, but go stuffing them or you risk search engine penalties. But rarely does anybody bring up the legal liabilities of what’s in your keyword tags.

Funniest PPC Keyword Mistake Revealed

Managing a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign can be difficult at times, especially when there’s a lot of competition for keyword phrases that cost a lot.

Prices for the most coveted keyword phrases are rising and the overall cost of a PPC campaign in a competitive industry can be downright outrageous, with major corporations spending tens thousands of dollars a month on Pay Per click Advertising. Couple the high cost of a PPC campaign with someone doesn’t know how to manage a PPC campaign properly and it’s downright dangerous.

Long Haul To The Top of Google
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Alright, you’ve got your bright idea and your website and you’re ready to roll. Now all you need is a first page Google ranking. Easy enough, right? Well, maybe if you’re selling fish sweaters, otherwise, there’s a lot of people with quite the head start.

Frivolous Aussie Keyword Lawsuit

Litigants in anti-Google keyword cases such as this latest in Australia speak in one-sided "baby talk," acting for all the world like Google has set out to deceive and wrong them personally. I’d call it "food fight tactics," if I’d ever witnessed a food fight mostly involving applesauce, but I haven’t.

SES: The Ad Everyone Wants To Read

Compelling ads don’t have to be a hidden Grail, accessible only to scruffy types in fedoras. At SES San Jose, panelists for the Creating Compelling Ads session emphasized testing and relevance as keys to success.

Keyword Research, Competitive Analysis Google Gadget
I put my favorite keyword research tools and competitive research tools in a Google Gadget. Thanks to Jay at Widget Waker for making the original version with a sweet design, which I hacked up a bit to add a few more tools at the last minute.

If you use the iGoogle homepage you can add the tool to your homepage by selecting add by URL and then submitting this URL: