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CES 2013: Pretend You’re At CES By Watching Samsung’s Keynote

What’s the best part about CES? Is it the new cool technology? Or the inane celebrity endorsements? How about both rolled into one? That’s what you get if you watch Samsung’s CES 2013 keynote. Watch an hour of announcements coming at you from all sides as Samsung assaults your brain with the latest marvels of technology. Obviously, the big deal …

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Bruce Springsteen Schools ‘Em At SXSW 2012

The man with the Number One album in America today, The Boss, took to the stage at SXSW to deliver the festival’s keynote address. Bruce Springsteen began by asking, “Why are we up so fucking early? I mean, uh, how important can this speech be if we’re giving it at noon. Every decent musician in town is asleep. Or, will …

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CES 2012: CEA President Shapiro Blasts SOPA In Keynote

Speaking yesterday morning at the Qualcomm CES keynote, Gary Shapiro blasted SOPA and its backers and supporters for their efforts to stifle both free speech and innovation. Shapiro is president of the Consumer Electronics Association, the organization responsible for CES. Shapiro pulled no punches in his criticism of the act and its backers. He called SOPA a “threat to innovation,” …

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