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Microsoft Earnings Top Estimates

Microsoft shareholders may not be impressed (the company’s stock has been a little droopy in after-hours trading), but the quarter ending December 31st seems to have gone well.  Microsoft reported its earnings this afternoon and beat analysts’ forecasts by significant margins.

Laptop Hunter Ad Altered: Did Microsoft Listen to Apple?
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Just last week we told you about how Microsoft received a call from Apple lawyers urging them to stop running the Laptop Hunter ads. Microsoft’s COO, Kevin Turner, referred to the call as "the greatest single phone call in the history".

Well, it seems as though Apple’s call accomplished something, Microsoft has altered one of their Laptop Hunter ads.

Apple Tells Microsoft To Stop Running Laptop Hunter Ads
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Recently during his Worldwide Partner Conference keynote Kevin Turner, Microsoft’s COO, informed partners of an interesting development. Apparently Apple has taken notice of Microsoft’s Laptop Hunter ads… and really don’t like them.

Apple doesn’t like them to the tune of having their lawyers contact Microsoft, telling them stop running the ads.