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Rose to Build a Better Digg?
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Digg founder Kevin Rose has put up a list of his New Years resolutions. Most of them probably won’t affect many people besides him, but one that sticks out is "Build a Better Digg." His list goes:

- Be mindful
- Zazen
- Build a better Digg
- Start a small tea website
- Climb
- Camp
- Video blog
- Fish w/my Dad
- Read
- Less drinking
- Make time to date someone seriously
- Run a 5k
- Budget

Six Apart Acquiring Pownce, Pulling Plug
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Here’s hoping most Pownce users haven’t made huge plans for their holiday vacations.  It turns out that the launched-in-2007 company has been acquired by Six Apart and will shut its doors on December 15th, so they’ll likely need to spend some time becoming familiar with a different service.

Digg Seeks Questions For Townhall Meeting
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Digg’s feisty user community will have a chance to question Kevin Rose and company about the site and its attendant issues on Monday night.

Rose Explains Digg’s Outage: Algo Update
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Midday visitors to Digg yesterday encountered its “out of service” message. Kevin Rose explained why on his blog.

Kevin Rose Presents New Digg Features

Digg’s main dude provided the narration for a video about new features on the social media site, as the company announced some forthcoming updates on Digg through the rest of 2007.

Digg Founder Looking at Instant Messaging?

Don’t you wish you had “sources familiar with the company”, so you could speculate on new products and acquisitions?

Kevin Rose: Digg ‘Bury Brigade’ Exaggerated

Rose has responded to allegations that a cabal of Digg users actively and effectively bury any stories they disagree with, especially those that criticize Digg.

Digg Gives Thumbs Up To Comments

An updated comment system for the Digg user-contributed news site offers several new features, including ratings for comments and a three-minute window to edit the comments one makes on a story.