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Martin Changes Tune On Broadband Smut-Filter
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In his final days as chairman of the FCC, Kevin Martin appears to have done an about face on a proposed content filter for free wireless broadband. After opposition killed the original plan, Martin has placed a new proposal, sans smut-filter, on the table for review at the next and final FCC meeting on January 15.

Perhaps it’s an attempt to end his tenure on a high note by doing something very positive for the nation—auctioning off spectrum to a wireless provider that can serve up wireless broadband to 95 percent of the country.

Congress Tells Martin He Officially Sucks

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin Martin won’t be leaving his post with his legacy in tact or without a kick to the backside from Congress.

FCC Clears Free Wireless Broadband

Free speech issues weren’t enough to knock down FCC Chairman Kevin Martin’s push-through of a free national wireless Internet initiative, but few were talking about those free speech issues anyway.  T-Mobile’s and Deutsche Telekom AG’s arguments about signal interference—which is the cry-wolf line of the wireless industry these days–weren’t either; after successful testing in Seattle, free wireless Internet is on the way.

Wall Street Journal Stabs At Net Neutrality
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It’s interesting, but not surprising, FCC Chairman Kevin Martin is the target of a scathing editorial by the Wall Street Journal. He’s an easy and popular target these days from both sides of just about any issue involving the FCC. He stinks. Everybody knows it.

Comcast To Face FCC Ruling On Slowing Traffic

The Federal Communications Commission is set to announce this week that Comcast wrongly throttled the Internet traffic of some of its customers.

It’s Time For FCC Chair To Step Down
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There’s a lot of uncertainty not just in the economy but also in the policies guiding American media, the Internet included. Perhaps to quell some of that uncertainty, the public and government officials should pay close attention to FCC Chairman Kevin Martin’s opinion…and do the opposite.

FCC Gets Monkey’s Paw From Telco Front Group

You might say it’s a sort of monkey’s paw that Hands Off the Internet, an AT&T-backed "grass roots" organization has called on the FCC to investigate Comcast for violating the four principles of Network Neutrality. On the surface, it looks like progress. But can it be trusted?

FCC Chairman On Open Wireless: Gotcha!
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Oh, man! He got me. He really did. I really, truly thought FCC Chairman Kevin Martin was taking the side of the good guys. Boy do I feel like a dope! What a cut-up this guy is.

Kerry Urges FCC To Open Up Spectrum Auction

Former Presidential candidate and Massachusetts senator John Kerry weighed in on the upcoming 700 MHz wireless spectrum auction, asking the Federal Communications Commission not to close off bidding to incumbent telecommunication and cable companies like AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast.

FCC Pressured To Admit It Sucks

Representative Ed Markey (D-MA) opened up a can of Congressional hearings on the Federal Communication Commission over the regulatory agency’s understanding of what, exactly, constitutes broadband and how many people in the US actually have access to it.