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Kenan Thompson Takes A Jab At Bill Cosby, Calls Him A ‘Monster’

Comedian Kenan Thompson reportedly had some choice words to say about Bill Cosby. The Saturday Night Live member had a standup gig at the University of Pittsburgh last Monday. In addition to having his audience rolling in the aisle with laughter over his antics and impersonations, Thompson also got serious and talked about career struggles, his marijuana use, some social …

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Bill Cosby: ‘SNL’s’ Kenan Thompson Calls Him a Monster–If He’s Guilty

Bill Cosby and his rape allegations came to light when SNL’s Kenan Thompson took the stage at the University of Pittsburgh on Monday evening. “Kenan was on for about an hour and the Bill Cosby stuff happened halfway through, I would say,” Jesse Irwin, who is the social media editor for the Pitt News, said in an interview with E! …

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Al Sharpton Talks 176-Pound Weight Loss

Al Sharpton has lost 176 pounds in the past four-and-a-half years–and he didn’t have surgery as part of his weight loss plan. “I actually lost more weight than I am!” the civil rights leader told People magazine recently. The 60-year-old pastor lost 30 pounds back in 2001 as part of a hunger strike. He put that–and even more–back on during …

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Kenan Thompson And Wife Expecting First Child

Kenan Thompson is about to be a dad. The 35 year old cast member of Saturday Night Live made the announcement during an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers, and he’s a bundle of nerves, he said. “I am terrified,” admitted Thompson. “I don’t know what to do with babies. Like, what do you feed it and like put …

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Kenan Thompson Doesn’t Want To Keep Playing Black Females

Kenan Thompson caught some heat earlier this week when an interview with TV Guide came out that focused on the fact that there are no women of color on “Saturday Night Live”, which Thompson has been a cast member on for the past ten years. For many of those years, Thompson–who got his start as a child actor on the …

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