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Kelly Ripa on Regis: “I Haven’t Seen Him”
· 20

After Kelly Ripa took over Kathie Lee Gifford’s seat on the renamed Live! with Regis and Kelly, she spent ten years sitting next to Regis Philbin on the morning talk show. Despite the morning show couple’s memorable farewell in November …

Seth Meyers Chooses Lorne Michaels Over Kelly Ripa
· 1

Seth Meyers recently shot down the rumors that he will be the next co-host to sit beside Kelly Ripa on “Live!” when the new season kicks off in a couple of weeks, saying he loves the job he has (at …

Kelly Ripa Co-Host: Seth Meyers Out, Anderson Cooper In?
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It’s been an exhaustive nine months of searching for “Live! after Regis Philbin’s departure last November, but it looks to be drawing to a close soon. The producers have announced that they will be naming Kelly Ripa’s new co-host on …