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Weird Al Yankovic Sues Sony for $5 Million Weird Al Yankovic Sues Sony for $5 Million
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Parody singer “Weird Al” Yankovic has sued Sony Music Group, and seeks $5 million in damages in what he alleges to be unfair business dealings, according to CP. The suit was filed by Yankovic’s Ear Booker Enterprises, and alleges that …

Kazaa Becomes Legal Service

File-sharing site Kazaa will become a legal music download service following a series of high profile legal battles.

Kazaa Loses Its Legal Battle

Kazaa appears to be following the trail that Napster first blazed (and then was dragged down). The file-sharing network, like its predecessor, is well known for being used to illegally trade copyrighted works. Now, much like Napster, Kazaa has reached the end of that rope. Sharman Networks, which owns Kazaa, has agreed to “go legitimate,” and to pay a substantial amount of money to four music companies.

Kazaa Sues Blogger Over Anonymous Comments

The parent company of the controversial filesharing service Kazaa has filed suit in a Canadian court against p2pnet.net over alleged libelous comments made in the blog’s comments section. The result of the lawsuit could have broad implications on the level of responsibility bloggers and forum hosts hold for third party (often anonymous) comments.

Morpheus Gives Red Pill To eBay

The company behind the Morpheus file sharing software, StreamCast Networks, updated a lawsuit against Skype’s founders and added eBay to the list of defendants.

Kazaa Rocked In Australia Court

Sharman Networks, the operator of the Kazaa P2P file sharing system, may have to fork over at least three-quarters of a billion dollars to the global recording industry as the Australian Federal Court for Sydney ruled the company violated Australian copyright law. More than violation of copyright law, the ruling goes as far as finding Sharman guilty of enticing users to become pirates by making it easy for them to do so.

Kazaa Smacked By Australia Court

Being the home team against the array of powerful music publishers didn’t help Sharman Networks in its defense of Kazaa.

The Continuous Alarm Bell for Telcos

BBC News interviewed Niklas Zennstrom, the CEO of Skype, on Friday. The wide-ranging interview includes commentary on Zennstrom’s early venture with Kazaa and discusses Skype and its impact on traditional telephone services.

Kazaa Case Goes To The Judge

The trial pitting Australia’s recording industry against the makers of Kazaa may be coming to a highly anticipated end. With closing arguments complete, Judge Murray Wilcox of Australia’s Federal Court is expected to rule whether or not the makers of the P2P client are liable for copyright breaches and lost income resulting from files being shared across the Kazaa expanse.

Kazaa Now Offers Free Internet Phone Calling Feature

According to wire reports Sharman Networks has added Internet-based phone calls to the popular file-sharing program Kazaa.