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Katy Perry Keeps Her Fans Talking

Katy Perry is all the rage these days. Her relationship with John Mayer, who she recently described as her crush, is part of the reason behind the continued discussion about her. Many fans keep wondering, Will they or won’t they marry? Then, there is the recent talk about her new gig with the beauty giant, CoverGirl. However, much of the …

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Katy Perry Collaborates With John Mayer, Teases New Single

Katy Perry is moving on from her candy-colored persona; gone are the lollipops, the starlight mint-covered stage getups, the rainbow hued-wigs. But that doesn’t mean she’s given up everything she once loved. The 28-year old singer still adores cats, as is evident in the teaser for her upcoming single, “Roar”. The new album, Prism, will hit stores August 12th. Perry …

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