Katrina Articles

Small Businesses Consider Company Car vs. Personal Mileage Reimbursement In Hurricane Katrina’s Wake

Companies and individuals alike are now concerned that the federal mileage deduction or their company’s gas mileage reimbursement will no longer cover the costs of operating a vehicle for business purposes.

Web Responds To Need For Katrina Info

When the Red Cross put out the call for assistance to the public in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, web users hit the site in droves.

Search Engines Unite For Katrina Relief

All of the major search engines have provided links on their homepages to collect donations for the Hurricane Katrina relief effort, signaling the worldwide reach of the disaster effort.

Google/Amazon Katrina Donation Link Doing Well

In light of the Hurricane Katrina disaster, Google posted a link on their homepage that took users to an Amazon page where donations could be made.

Tragedy Knows No Boundary

Reading and viewing online news coverage of the Katrina hurricane disaster in the US over recent days, I’m just awed by the sheer scale of so many people – thousands according to many news reports – losing their lives, family, and property.

Craigslist Online Community Helping Katrina Community

The online community known as craigslist is a San Francisco based site built in local classifieds and community forms. They’ve put together a page to help Katrina survivors put things together.

P2P Pirates Give Booty To Katrina Victims

The Distributed Computing Industry Association (DCIA) and a trade organization for peer-to-peer software providers, content rights holders, and service-and-support companies will offer P2P users a chance to help Katrina victim by buying and sharing music.

Intel Inside Red Cross With $1 Million For Katrina Relief

Intel’s philanthropic division, the Intel Foundation, channeled a $1 million donation to the American Red Cross in support of Hurricane Katrina disaster relief efforts. The foundation will also match employee contributions in support of the relief effort during the month of September.

Hurricane Katrina assistance: Blog for Relief today

Hurricane Katrina has devestated New Orleans and much of the Gulf Coast region with her fury. Bloggers can help and do our part.

Katrina Sends Times-Picayune To Online Only Format

The city of New Orleans has been blasted by Hurricane Katrina, but the newspaper has still continued to publish.