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O’Reilly Draws Up Blogging Code Policy

In the wake of the Kathy Sierra kerfuffle, there have been calls for a blogging code of ethics; the problem isn’t with bloggers, or even their blogs.

Bloggers Resolve Dispute On CNN
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Before their appearance on CNN this morning, bloggers Kathy Sierra and Chris Locke issued a joint statement responding to issues raised throughout the blogosphere following Sierra’s revelation of death threats against her, as well as the depiction of her image in misogynistic sexual photos.

Scoble Returns Early From Blogging Protest

Last week, the blogosphere erupted with screams of protest and condemnation following the revelation of death threats and personal attacks against blogger Kathy Sierra. In a show of support for Sierra, and in protest of the threats, popular blogger Robert Scoble vowed to not write any posts for a solid week.

BBC Picks Up Sierra Threat Story
Kathy Sierra, author of the brilliant blog Creating Passionate Users wrote a post yesterday describing some incredibly disturbing, horrible, abuse and death threats she has been receiving from some other blogs and bloggers.
Bullying & Cyberbullying

Bullying is a serious issue. It makes people feel bad, makes them do things that they might not necesarily want to do, and forces people’s hands. Cyberbullying is worse – it takes all those things, puts them online in blogs or journals or social networks, and ramps it up a level via emails, Twitters and text messaging, and instant messages.

Blogosphere Responds To Death Threats
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A tidal wave of shock has swelled across the blogosphere at large in response to publicized death threats targeting well-known blogger Kathy Sierra.

Kathy Sierra Is Blogging Better Than You

Kathy Sierra is one of my favorite writers and her post on why Web 2.0 is more than a buzzword is a good place to start.