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Kate Gosselin Custody Battle: Is Jon Gosselin Seeking Custody?

The custody battle between Jon and Kate Gosselin is heating up, with one source saying Jon Gosselin would like to gain full custody of the former couple’s eight children. Kate has purportedly been canceling scheduled visits between Jon and the kids, and he’s just about reached his breaking point. “He would love to take her to court and get total …

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Kate Gosselin Headed Back to TLC

Kate Gosselin and her eight children are headed back to TLC. The network has ordered more episodes of her second reality show, Kate Plus 8. The specials will air in December. TLC says they will follow the Gosselin gang as they prepare for the upcoming school year. They will also trail the family as they take a trip to Boston. …

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Kate Gosselin: Crew’s Rules Not Unreasonable

Kate Gosselin has been under fire as a result of Robert Hoffman’s book Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled The World. One of the points the author makes in the book is that Kate had some very unreasonable rules for the film crew any time any footage was filmed at her home. When you learn what those rules were, however, you …

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Kate Gosselin: Was Reality Show Scripted?

Kate Gosselin is in the news quite a bit lately, with recent claims that her nanny outed her for maintaining a strange rule book and now word that the reality TV show on which she starred with ex-husband Jon Gosselin and their six kids was scripted. This claim comes from Robert Hoffman, an author who really seems out to get …

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Kate Gosselin: Former Nanny Rats Her Out

Kate Gosselin has at least one former nanny who clearly wasn’t fond of the Jon & Kate Plus 8 star–so she ratted her out to the media. No, she didn’t spill heinous secrets like author Robert Hoffman claims in his book, Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World–but she did rat her out over an alleged rule book that nannies …

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Kate Gosselin Calls Mothers of Multiples ‘Retarded’

Kate Gosselin has allegedly used a slur that makes mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, grandparents, and friends of anyone who knows and loves a person with disabilities–especially Down Syndrome–bear their teeth and claws and go in for the kill. She reportedly said in an email that mothers of multiples are ‘retarded.’ First of all that word should never be used. A …

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