Kansas Articles

Geoweb – Yet Another Google Buzzword

Google’s various geography-oriented services, like Maps, Earth, and Local, have a new blog to discuss those services, and they swear they aren’t trying to engage in buzzword proliferation.

MySpace, Facebook Go Mobile

What do you get when you combine two of the biggest tech trends today – social networking and mobile?

Baseball Game To Start On Xbox: Most Brilliant Publicity Stunt Ever

In a brilliant (albeit wacky) idea, the first two innings of an actual minor league baseball game will be played on an Xbox, with the third inning picking up where the virtual game left off.

West Nile Hits Kansas

Health officials reported the first believed case of West Nile virus of the year after a 51-year-old Kansas man appears to have the symptoms.

Kansas Science Curriculum Is Center of Dispute

Four days of hearings have begun about the way students in Kansas schools are taught about life’s origins.

Monkey Trials Revisited In Kansas

If ever it was thought that the evolution/creationism debate, at least in public forums, was settled 80 years ago by legendary heavyweights William Jennings Bryan and Clarence Darrow, then think again.

Kansas Debate Over Evolution Vs. Intelligent Design

The state of Kansas is preparing to debate Darwin’s theory of evolution and a current variant on creationism called intelligent design. When Darwin cruised on the Beagle all those years ago, one wonders if he foresaw such controversy lasting so many years. Things really came to a head though during the Scopes Monkey Trial.

Kansas City Southern Completes TFM Transaction

Kansas City Southern completed its purchase of the controlling interest in TFM from Grupo TMM, in accordance with the terms of the Amended and Restated Acquisition Agreement.

Boeing To Sell Kansas and Oklahoma Plants

Boeing announced that it is selling its Kansas and Oklahoma commercial aircraft plants.

Reasons for Google’s Buyback

According to a report that appeared in the Associated Press, search engine Google is preparing to buyback 23.4 million shares and options that the company may have inappropriately issued. In a filing done through the SEC, Google states that the buyback window for current and previous employees will close on December 30th.

The Kansas City Rules

As a cadet reporter on the Kansas City Star, Ernest Hemingway was given a style sheet containing four basic rules:
1.. Use short sentences
2.. Use short first paragraphs
3.. Use vigorous English
4.. Be positive, not negative