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Tiller Killer Punished For Intimidating Abortion Clinic

Scott Roeder, the man convicted of killing Dr. George Tiller, has now been disciplined for intimidating those who have reopened Tiller’s abortion clinic. According to a Reuters report, Roeder has been punished with 45 days of solitary confinement for comments he made in a telephone interview back in April. A prison hearing determined that his statements could intimidate members of …

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Three Bodies Found On Farm Spark Homicide Investigation

Three bodies found on a farm have sparked a massive homicide investigation in Kansas. Now police are trying to match the bodies to a missing persons report from last week. The bodies – two adult men and one woman – were found on a farm west of Ottawa. Two people – Kortni McGill and Corey Schlotzhauer – originally checked out …

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Bing Heads To Google, Kansas

Bing is at it again with another “Bing it On” challenge. Actually, it’s pretty much the same challenge, but they’re challenging people again. Bing says in a blog post, “With the newest version of the Challenge site, in addition to search results, you’ll get to learn about a new homepage every day, rollover video preview and instant translation all on …

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Google Fiber Is Coming to Shawnee, Kansas

Google has just announced another expansion of their Fiber service – one that’s pretty close to “home base.” Home base being Kansas City, the location of Google’s Fiber’s first installment. The next town to be blessed with Google’s super-fast internet is Shawnee, Kansas, which is located south-west of Kansas City. Google won’t have to expand their service that far to …

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Kansas Governor Can’t Stop Facebook ‘Sarcasm Bombing’

These politicians. Some of these people really struggle to handle a public page on Facebook. Take Kansas Governor Sam Brownback. He’s vowed to sign into law the onerous “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act” – a bill he freely admits that he has not read – that would permit doctors to withhold information from patients, force women to hear the …

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Google Begins Fiber Internet Construction In Kansas City

After months of waiting, Google is now beginning construction of their super fast Internet service in Kansas City. Announced today on the Google Fiber Blog, Kevin Lo said that they will be taking thousands of cables and stretching them across Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri. The new glass fiber cables will create a new online infrastructure that will …

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