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Kai-Fu Lee Talks About Quitting Google

A few questions surrounding the departure of Kai-Fu Lee from Google China have now been answered.  Lee isn’t leaving due to any perceived failure – indeed, he thinks Google China is doing rather well – and it turns out that he’s landed a position as the head of a venture capital firm. 

Kai-Fu Lee

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Top Google China Exec To Leave

The man over whom Microsoft and Google practically started a war in 2005 is now quitting that second company.  Kai-Fu Lee, the president of Google’s operations in China, will leave his post sometime this month.

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Google China May Let Fate Rest On Mobile

Google China’s about four years old, and to be fair, deserves a bit of recognition for surviving so long under inhospitable conditions.  But it’s still floundering in terms of market share and profitability, and its president, Kai-Fu Lee, now seems ready to switch focus in response.

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Google China Wants To Be Ahead Within Five Years

Corporate leaders are in tough positions when trying to predict the future.  If they’re too positive, they’re seen as overconfident.  Too cautious, and people wonder why they’re scared.  So Google China’s Kai-Fu Lee seems to have aimed at a middle ground when describing his pursuit of Baidu.

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Schmidt Pleased With Chinese Chief’s Performance

How’s this for a job: run the foreign arm of a gigantic corporation, and don’t worry about making any money for, oh, four or so years.  That’s apparently what Google’s Kai-Fu Lee has been told to do in China.  Yet Lee has other responsibilities, and CEO Eric Schmidt claims to be more than satisfied with the man’s performance.

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Kai-Fu Lee Court Saga Ends

Microsoft and Google have brought an end to their legal battles over Dr. Kai-Fu Lee, who has become famous for defecting to Google to helm their operations in China, and led to Microsoft suing to compel him to comply with his one-year non-compete agreement.

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Microsoft Sues Google Over China Exec

Microsoft filed suit against former exec Kai-Fu Lee and Google claiming Lee and his new employer violated Microsoft’s employee confidentiality and non-compete agreement.

Lee’s job title was vice president of Microsoft’s Natural Interactive Services Division and he accepted a job with Google to lead their Chinese R&D. Microsoft want to force Lee and Google to adhere to the agreements Lee signed with Microsoft.

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