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Ask Kevin About The Googgles

Everyone knew the obligatory April Fools Day practical jokes were coming. Some were funny. Some were lame. Some were just flat out bizarre. There were, however, a few jewels that separated themselves from the rest of the ordinary April 1st offerings. Here are the pranks that bear honorable mention.

Matt Cutts: The Hack That Wasn’t

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Internet Search Powered By… K-Fed?

Kevin Federline, who is mostly notorious for his former marriage to Britney Spears, hasn’t exactly burned up the charts with his musical endeavors as of late. In an attempt to boost his popularity, Federline (or K-Fed, as it were) has partnered with Yahoo and Prodégé to build his very own search engine.

If you take a search engine, add a floundering pop star, and throw in prizes for searchers that run queries on the site, then what will you come out with?

Don’t worry; I’m not quite sure either.

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