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Bing Commercials Infringe on Patent?
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A set of product placement ads for Microsoft’s Bing ran during NBC’s The Philanthropist. The ads showed two of the characters from the actual show in scenes in which Bing was being used – clearly ads, but still integrated with the actual program.

Report: MSFT To Spend $100M Promoting New Search Brand
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Microsoft’s new search brand should be announced sooner rather than later, and when that day comes, it looks like the corporation is going to make sure people notice.  According to a new report, Microsoft intends to spend as much as $100 million on an advertising campaign.

Web Surfing Beats Sex And Friendship
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A survey by ad agency JWT found many people prefer to click their way to happiness on the Internet rather than seek the company of friends or lovers.

Cell Phone Advertising is Taking the Leap

The next major competitive arena for advertisers is clearly cell phones and they seem to be leaping into the fray with enthusiasm.