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Justin Bieber: Court Date Set, Deposition Released

Things just keep getting worse for Justin Bieber and his fall from grace has been a hard one. Just a year ago Justin Bieber was a teen heartthrob, idol and young singer with a lot of potential. As fame went to his head a new side of Bieber emerged and he began to get into trouble with the law. His …

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Justin Bieber’s Limo Searched: Pot, Pipes Found

Justin Bieber almost found himself in trouble with the law again, but this time he was not arrested. Bieber and his friends were having some fun in Georgia Tuesday night, but their good time got cut short when Bieber’s limo was searched by police. The police noticed a camera inside the limo that had been reported stolen earlier in the …

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Justin Bieber’s Arrest A Sign Of Bad Things To Come?

It seems like Justin Bieber is headed down the wrong path. He has been in trouble with the law several times this month and now he has been arrested for drinking under the influence and street racing. Is Justin just feeling rebellious lately or are his actions and recent arrest a sign of more bad things to come for the …

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Khalil And Bieber Arrested- Who’s Khalil?

Justin Bieber was arrested early on Thursday for DUI and drag racing. Bieber was released from jail Thursday afternoon on a $2,500 bail. While it seems like Bieber is just one of many young stars who have been in trouble with the law recently, the question on everyone’s mind isn’t why he was racing, but who he was racing. So …

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