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Johnny Cash, June Carter Cash’s Life Together Depicted In New ‘Ring of Fire’ Musical

Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash had a love story of the ages, and now their tale is being depicted in a new musical Ring of Fire: The Music of Johnny Cash. Cash and Carter are two of the most iconic names in the country music industry on their own. Together, they made musical history that is still relevant today. …

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Johnny Cash: Lost Album Will Be Released In The Spring

Johnny Cash will always be remembered as one of the greatest country singers of all time, and has had an influence on a variety of different types of performers. The news of a new album being released after his death will certainly come as a surprise, and give great excitement to everyone who listened to him. Cash’s unheard album was …

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Jewel Fixes Teeth for Upcoming June Carter Cash Flick

Jewel fixes teeth in order to portray country legend June Carter Cash in an upcoming biopic for Lifetime, according to On The Red Carpet. The musician, who is known for her famously crooked smile, had her teeth temporarily “straightened” in order to tackle the role. In addition to the new grill, Jewel also sports brown hair and blue contacts, which, …

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