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Future Dim For Yahoo’s Jumpcut, Kickstart
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You can almost hear the "snip-snip" of cost-cutting scissors at work.  Following the forced departure of 1,500 employees last Wednesday, Jumpcut and Kickstart, two of Yahoo’s more experimental and less popular sites, are facing similar fates.

Breaking Down Yahoo’s Social Landscape

Yahoo! has been a very influential provider of social services online for quite some time.

Yahoo's Social Universe

Over the last few years they have either created or purchased online social sites, here is a quick breakdown of some of the major start-ups and acquisitions:

Mitt Romney – Jumpcut Candidate Remix

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has teamed with Yahoo on an ad-creation contest for his campaign.

Yahoo Teams With San Francisco Film Society

Yahoo Video has teamed with the San Francisco Film Society for the 50th San Francisco International Film Festival GreenWorld Contest powered by Yahoo’s Jumpcut. The two will also launch a branded video channel featuring content from the San Francisco Film Society.

Got Issues? Yahoo Wants The Video

Yahoo and the Film Your Issue website are jointly promoting the “Issue Film” competition to highlight the concerns of young adults over topical issues.

Yahoo Edits Jumpcut Ownership

Another social media purchase, this time of video editing website Jumpcut, gives Yahoo another component in its growing portfolio of those sites.

Yahoo Acquires Jumpcut

TechCrunch is reporting Yahoo has acquired Jumpcut an online video editing service.

Yahoo, MySpace Lead US Video Streams

While YouTube has been the buzzworthiest video site in the news this year, the latest comScore report shows that while YouTube continues to grow, it has a little ways to go before it can catch up with MySpace and Yahoo in terms of number of viewers and number of videos per user.