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Judge Joe Brown, Recently Jailed, Running for Office

The man who helmed a popular TV court show for 15 seasons is now running for office. But could he be up against his worst challenge yet? Judge Joe Brown, the man whose namesake show gave him the opportunity to dispense justice in his own style, sometimes sitting on top of his bench. Brown had formerly been a prosecutor in …

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Judge Joe Brown’s Meltdown Landed Him In Jail

Judge Joe Brown, the star of the television show of the same name, Judge Joe Brown, in which he played a television judge, was arrested on five counts of contempt of court in Memphis, Tennessee. Brown was sentenced to five days in jail over an incident in Juvenile Court. “Right now, he’s being processed at our facility,” said Chip Washington, …

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Judge Joe Brown Arrested And Jailed

Sometimes those who are responsible for sending people to jail get jailed themselves, which is exactly what happened to Joe Brown, the famous television judge who had his own court show for 15 years. According to TMZ, Brown was representing someone in a child support case in Memphis, and when he arrived in court, he was told the case wasn’t …

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