Google Sites: JotSpot Returns, Joins Apps

Google Sites: JotSpot Returns, Joins Apps

By WebProNews Staff February 28, 2008 | 1 Comment

Google wiki acquisition, JotSpot, returned to public view as part of Google Apps, with a new name and 10GB storage for free accounts.

Google Aquires JotSpot

They’ve done it again, this time with a wiki collaboration product.

Social Media Summary

Social Media seems to be a trend these days. Netscape just announced that they removed the whole sex channel from their website. That makes me feel a lot better actually and it’s at least a step towards a more cleaner frontpage.

Reddit Follows JotSpot, Takes The Cash

While the morning discussion over tea and scones focused on Google’s acquisition of enterprise wiki software firm JotSpot, Cond Nast’s Wired Digital division received a present from its corporate masters, who purchased news-sharing site Reddit for Wired.

Google Gets JotSpot

I just received an email from JotSpot, a wiki service provider we use. JotSpot was co founded by Joe Kraus, a name you might remember in search engine history as a founder of Excite.com

Demo Of What JotSpot Sold Today

Congrats to JotSpot for selling to Google. (JotSpot is an online Office, er Wiki, suite).

Googles Buys JotSpot, Self-Coverage Ensues

Google has acquired JotSpot, which describes itself as “the first application wiki company.” In a well-coordinated display, JotSpot’s co-founder Joe Kraus made a post about the purchase on the Google Blog, while the JotSpot site supplied the answers to eleven “frequently asked questions” about the deal. There’s another post on the “JotBlog,” as well.

Scoble Back at Microsoft today

Got a very warm welcome back at Microsoft yesterday.

Java, JotSpot, Better Bad News?

Some days I pinch myself because of the interesting people I get to hang out with and interview and talk business with. Here’s an example.

JotSpot 2.0 Takes Complexity Out of Wiki

A few weeks ago, Ken gave me early access to the upcoming JotSpot 2.0 so that I could kick the tires a bit.

JotSpot Tracker Integrating With Salesforce

The first of several on-demand applications available from JotSpot through Salesforce’s AppExchange will transform Excel spreadsheets into browser-accessible versions.

How to Revamp Yahoo! Groups?

I’ve been thinking a lot about Yahoo! Groups recently. This is partly because I’m a member of more than 30 mailing lists hosted there.

JotSpot Releases Intranet Blogging Application

JotSpot, which sells an enterprise wiki application, has added a blogging utility to its product line.

Blog and Wiki Best Practices

Infoworld has written an article on a comprehensive package on the use of blogs/wikis in internal communications as well as for corporate communications/PR.

March Madness

March Madness has an entirely different meaning for me this month, it’s just been absolutely crazy, thus my sparse postings here – but don’t get me wrong, it’s been fun too.

The First 106 Miles

A bit over an hour ago I got home from the first meeting of 106 Miles, which Joyce describes as: a networking group for entrepreneurial engineers in Silicon Valley.