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Canseco To Play Again In Texas Starting This Week

Jose Canseco has been out of the game for a while, but he’s anxious to get back in (as anyone who’s been following his Twitter feed will know). As of Thursday, he’ll get his wish. The former Bash Brother will begin his stint with the Fort Worth Cats as a player and a coach. The first game, coincidentally, will be …

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Jose Canseco Compares Self To Dane Cook On Twitter

Jose Canseco, former Bash Brother and accused steroid user, has gotten a lot of press recently due to the extreme amount of awesomely funny things he posts on Twitter, and for good reason. He’s hilarious. The problem is, he might not know he’s being funny. Canseco has, in the past week, tweeted some gems regarding his New Year’s resolutions, his …

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Jose Canseco Will Apparently Shoot Testosterone Live On New Membership Site

There are some Twitter accounts that you follow because you genuinely value the tweets that come from them. Great Twitter accounts can provide up-to-the-second news and insider information, or they can give you a window inside the life of celebs and other high-profile newsmakers. Some Twitter accounts you follow because the person tweets tidbits that are relevant to your everyday …

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