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Joost Snags Big Brands With Ad Deals

Viacom’s content distribution partner Joost, founded by the creators of Skype, has inked a number of ad deals with very prominent brands.

CBS To Offer Content On Joost

Internet television service Joost and CBS have entered into an agreement where the television broadcaster will make its content available on the Joost platform. Content that will be featured on Joost include the popular CSI franchise, CBS Evening News, and CBS Sportsline.

Reviewing Joost Beta 9

Got done reviewing Joost Beta 9, and it just keeps on getting better, and this time it did not bring down the network.

Looking at Joost Beta

Finally got a chance to install and look at Joost Beta, and it might just end up being the killer app.

More Link Data From Google Webmaster Tools

Have you been using the link data Google now provides through Webmaster Tools? Do you wish Google provided even more information? I know I do. Well Google hasn’t made any changes to the tool, but thanks to Joost de Valk you can now pull a little more data from all those links Google is reporting.

Will Joost Live Up to the Hype?

Lots of promise, the hype is there, will it make it, and what will the impacts on the corporate network be?

The folks who brought you Kazaa, and then Skype are taking a long hard look at IPTV, and will most likely shape how that media channel will look for the next 4 or 5 years. I have applied for a Joost beta key, but have yet to get one (so hint, if anyone has a joost beta key that they don’t want, let me know, no its not worth money to me).

Joost Takes On YouTube in Viacom Deal

According to a story in the Wall Street Journal this morning (reg. required), entertainment colossus Viacom has signed a distribution deal with Joost, the peer-to-peer streaming television service that Janus Friis and Niklas Zennstrom started up with the billions they made selling Skype.

Viacom And Joost, Something New To Watch

After squabbling with YouTube and demanding that they pull over 100,000 copyrighted videos two weeks ago Viacom has struck a deal with Internet television service Joost. Under the agreement, Viacom’s divisions including MTV Networks, BET Networks and Paramount pictures will provide programming on the Joost platform.

YouTube Losing Viacom Deal to Joost

We should have suspected YouTube’s chances of signing a deal with Viacom were nil, when the cable company demanded more than 100,000 video clips be removed from the Google-owned video site.

Is Joost The Answer For Internet TV ?
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The Creators behind the Venice Project have officially announced a name for their new online video service. Joost will be the name for the company that promises to revolutionize the way Internet television is watched. They are still in private beta testing and offer invitation only visits to their site.

Google Beta-Testing Keyword-based Ad Filtering

About a week and a half ago, I wrote a post ‘Adsense Should Allow Contextual Ad Filtering by Keyword’.