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Kate Gosselin: Does She Need to Grow A Pair?

Kate Gosselin has long been known as a fierce mom-warrior. Just watch old episodes of Jon & Kate Plus 8, and you’ll see there’s no question that this woman has a plan, the energy to carry it out, and the voice to let anyone know if they stand in her way, they’ve had it. Ask Jon Gosselin if you have …

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Kate Gosselin: Was Jon Gosselin at Her Yard Sale?

Kate Gosselin held a yard sale at her family’s church on Saturday and Jon Gosselin was spotted perusing through the items she was selling. TMZ speculates Jon showed up to see if Kate was selling any items that once belonged to him. Kate was reportedly selling items like helmets and car seats. Proceeds from the yard sale didn’t go to …

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Kate Gosselin: Ex-Husband Jon Evicted from Home?

Kate Gosselin’s ex-husband Jon Gosselin has reportedly been evicted from his rental home. The former Jon and Kate Plus Eight star has already managed to find a new rental, however, and it’s reportedly in the same neighborhood as the home from which he was evicted. Has that man no shame? “It’s true. The eviction happened last week. He could no …

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Kate Gosselin: Is She Desperate For Control?

Kate Gosselin might pretend to be a perfect mom, but she is just as crazy as ever and reportedly even spies on her children while they have phone conversations with their father Jon. Even worse, if she isn’t around to do the spying herself, she makes sure she doesn’t miss any of the juicy details of the phone conversations by …

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Kate Gosselin And Twins Redeem Themselves On The View

Kate Gosselin has been criticized for being strict with her children but has always defended herself by swearing that her children were happy. Last week, Kate’s two oldest children Mady and Cara had a chance to set the record straight with an interview on the Today Show. While the world was anxious to hear what the two twins had to …

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Jon Gosselin Apology: Regrets Behavior, Ready to Move On

Jon Gosselin’s apology to his ex-wife Kate will appear in the next issue of People magazine, which is scheduled to hit newsstands this Friday (June 22) According to the publication, the estranged couple are apparently getting along now, and have attempted to put their past behind them. Regarding the number of women he dated following the split, Gosselin appears to …

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