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Molly Ringwald Wasn’t Going to Let Her Daughter Watch Breakfast Club

Molly Ringwald is making the rounds of the talk shows again. The Breakfast Club is 30 years old. The coming-of-age classic was only John Hughes’ second film. And now it is an iconic piece of 1980’s culture. Molly Ringwald starred as Claire Standish, the “Princess” of a group that consisted of: The Brain – (Brian Johnson) Played by Anthony Michael …

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Molly Ringwald Played Claire Standish 30 Years Ago

Actress Molly Ringwald, once called the greatest teen star of all time, celebrated her 46th birthday last month, and will see the 30th anniversary of the release of her iconic coming of age comedy-drama The Breakfast Club next year. Though, The Breakfast Club was actually set on March 24th, 1984 in suburban Chicago in the script penned by director John …

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‘Weird Science’ Star Kelly LeBrock Arrested

Kelly LeBrock, former wife of martial arts expert Steven Seagal, as well as of Pantene shampoo’s “don’t hate because I’m beautiful” infamy, was arrested in Santa Barbara, California on November 30 for suspicion of driving under the influence. LeBrock was arrested after failing a field sobriety test. A California Highway Patrol officer spotted LeBrock driving erratically – the actress was …

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Hughes The Force Mashes Up John Hughes, Star Wars

So what happens when you mix John Hughes, Star Wars with a touch of Kevin Smith? It might be something like Hughes the Force, a 35 minute movie that mixes one part Weird Science and one part Fanboys as some high school Star Wars-loving teens try to get into the end of the year high school party. To do, the …

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