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Joga Open To Most

It appears that Google and Nike’s soccer community, Joga, has been opened up to basically everyone with a Google account (although it may require an Orkut login, not sure).

Google, Nike Play Beautifully Together
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Google and Nike kicked off a collaborative community website exclusively for soccer fanatics. Signing up for Joga.com automatically takes visitors through a series of steps for setting up a blog within, a la MySpace, where they can upload photos and videos.

Google And Nike Launch Soccer Community
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Nathan has details of Joga, a new site for soccer (real FOOTball) fans launched by Google and Nike.

Nike And Google Kickoff Joga

A soccer-focused community website based on Google’s invite-only Orkut service recently launched in advance of this year’s Wolrd Cup.

Google And Nike Launch Soccer Website

Google and Nike have launched Joga, a website for soccer fans and players (and it says soccer, not football). Its invite-only, and logins are through Google accounts (which is really surprising to me).