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Are 30 Songs Really Worth $675,000? The Justice System Thinks So

We brought you the story of Joel Tenenbaum back in May. He was facing massive statutory damages at the hands of the RIAA for sharing 30 songs via the file sharing service, Kazaa. Unfortunately, he was denied an appeal with the Supreme Court which means that his previous sentence stands. The previous sentence sees Tenenbaum having to pay the RIAA …

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Supreme Court Refuses To Hear Tenenbaum File-Sharing Case

We reported last week on the efforts of Charles Nesson to have the Supreme Court hear his client’s (Joel Tenenbaum) case. The Supreme Court has denied Nesson’s petition. It’s unfortunate since a Supreme Court verdict would go a long way in clearing up the mess we’re in right now. As we explained on Friday, the problem came in the form …

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