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Rep. Joe Barton Wants To Legalize Online Poker

Online poker where real money is at stake is in a legal gray zone in the U.S. It was banned in 2006, but the Justice Department allowed states to determine their own online gambling laws in 2011. Now one lawmaker wants to make it legal across the country. Rep. Joe Barton has introduced the Internet Poker Freedom Act into the …

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Google Tries To Sell Government On Glass Privacy. Are You Sold?

Back in May, the bipartisan congressional Privacy Caucus sent an open letter to Google CEO Larry Page asking for clarification on Google Glass and the privacy issues that come with the device. In early June, Google VP, Public Policy and Government Relations, Susan Molinari, sent a response letter. Do you have concerns about privacy when it comes to devices like …

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Chairmen Of Congressional Privacy Caucus Contact Zuckerberg (Again)

Facebook’s short-lived (but soon-to-be-re-enabled) experiment with sharing users’ addresses and phone numbers with third parties did not impress certain politicians.  Indeed, Representatives Barton and Markey, Co-Chairmen of the Congressional Privacy Caucus, were bothered enough to write to Mark Zuckerberg.

In fairness to Facebook, the company only intended to share users’ data with their permission.  It was quick to back down in response to criticism, too.  So a thought about political grandstanding might not be out of line.

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Congressmen Write Zuckerberg Over Privacy Flap

Any hope that Mark Zuckerberg had of the latest Facebook privacy flap blowing over must be fading fast.  Late yesterday, two members of the House of Representatives wrote an open letter to him complaining about the problem and asking for further details.

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Google Says It Would Back Federal Privacy Law

Google has informed a senior Republican representative that it would endorse and support a U.S. privacy law.

The amount of user’s personal information collected by Google, Yahoo and other online companies has drawn criticism from privacy advocates and Google has been urged to post a link on its homepage that takes users to its privacy policy.

In May, Texas Rep. Joe Barton, the senior Republican on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, asked Google for information about the company’s privacy policies since it purchased DoubleClick.

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Barton Nudges Google Again On Privacy

The top Republican on the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, Joe Barton, again asked Google about its privacy practices.

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Google Gets A GOP Griefer

House Republican Joe Barton from Texas has a burr in his saddle about Google – 24 burrs, to be precise, some in multiple parts.

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Republicans Rumbling About Google, Privacy

House Republicans have demanded a Congressional hearing over the privacy implications of Google’s pending DoubleClick purchase.

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