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Donald Trump Trolls GOP and Latinos with Joe Arpaio

Donald Trump took the stage in the North Ballroom at the Phoenix Convention Center to a crowd that he at first claimed was 15,000 strong on Facebook, then 20,000 on Twitter. Media outlets repeated that figure dutifully. Later digging discovered that the entire ballroom only has the capacity for 4,100 people. Some are starting to get the feeling that Donald …

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Joe Arpaio Admonished in Court Over Training Videos

Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, along with his top deputy, Jerry Sheridan, appeared in court before U.S. District Judge Murray Snow, who was not too pleased with a video of the sheriff training his deputies. “I intend to have my order followed,” Reuters reported the judge said in court. Snow had issued the order for the sheriff’s office to …

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Sheriff Joe Arpaio Puts Inmates on “Bread and Water” Diet

Controversial Maricopa County (Az.) Sheriff Joe Arpaio has put 38 residents of the county clink on what he calls a “bread and water” diet. Their offense? Flag desecration. How did 38 inmates have access to flags to desecrate? Because Arpaio put flags in all the cells. So, yes, Arpaio’s grand social experiment has yielded proof that petty criminals will become …

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Joe Arpaio: The Jailhouse Rock King Wants More

If you’re feeling more rebellious than usual, you should probably stay out of Arizona. Once your antics inevitably place you in jail, you run the chance of being under the watch of “America’s Toughest Sheriff” by the name of Joe Arpaio. Mr. Arpaio is 81-years-old, but don’t expect him to give a Andy Griffith- Barney Fife jailhouse experience. Arpaio prides …

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Joe Arpaio, Arizona Sheriff to Await Delayed Ruling

U.S. District Judge Murray Snow delayed a ruling in the racial profiling case against Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s office Friday as both sides remain at odds over key remedies to ensure the agency adheres to constitutional requirements. Snow found in May that the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office singled out Latinos and deputies unreasonably prolonged detentions, marking the first finding by a …

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Sheriff Joe Wants Obama’s Real Birth Certificate!

Arizona’s infamous sheriff, Joe Arpaio is demanding to see President Barack Obama’s formal paperwork. On March 21st he issued a formal letter to the Director of the U.S. Selective Service System headquarters asking for a verification of Barack’s credentials. He asserts in his letter, that he believes the documents which were released by the White House last year could have …

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