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Jobster Launches App On Facebook

Jobster and around 230 partner employers have launched a new career networking and job search application on the Facebook Platform.

Jobster Web 2.0’s Itself, Joins Up With Facebook

Jobster.com took a giant leap into Web 2.0 this week, first announcing that employers can post jobs on the site for free on a new more LinkedIn-style platform, and second confirming that the company will be the exclusively working with social networking site Facebook.

“We spent the last twelve months designing the new Jobster to meet the needs and expectations of the digital generation," said Jobster CEO, Jason Goldberg.

Jason Goldberg on Web 2.0 and its Impact

Jason Goldberg – the CEO of Jobster – is giving his introduction about “What Web 2.0 is”. He has a very simple definition for it:

Jobster Rings Up Investment Cash

A total of $18 million traveled into job search website Jobster, with half of the cash coming from Reed Elsevier, the publisher that owns LexisNexis and Hollywood trade paper Variety.

Jobsters Searching For New Jobs

Seattle-based online job recruiter Jobster launched their newest venture, Jobster Search. Jobster says the new job search engine is based on getting most of your information in one click and then getting all your networking and referrals done through the Internet.

That Giant Scraping Sound: Li on Job Search

Forrester’s Charlene Li offers an in-depth analysis of Yahoo Hotjobs’ new free job listings component, and the job search field in general.