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Simply Hired Links Blogs To Jobs
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The release of the Job-a-matic tool will give bloggers and website publishers the option to add job listings to their sites, and to profit from them too.

Will Steve Jobs Let Mac OS Run on Intel Boxes?

An interesting development, tucked away in an article at Fortune magazine about the company behind the Parallels software program, which allows Mac users to run Windows in a virtual machine and switch back and forth (relatively) seamlessly.

iPhone Drops, Everyone Starts Cussin’

Just try to look at Apple’s new iPhone without cursing. Go ahead, try it. You know who else is cursing? Microsoft, RIM, Nokia, Verizon, and Sprint, to name a few. This daggum rickafrackin thing is going to smash the bejeebers out of everything else.

Apple Unleashes Product Too Good To Be True

Anyone who regularly reads this blog knows me to be a big fan of Microsoft, but even I’m not stupid enough to say that Apple didn’t drop a bombshell today.

LiveDeal Posts SimplyHired Jobs On Site

Online classified website LiveDeal has followed MySpace in tapping job search engine SimplyHired for employment listings.

Live Expo Finds Jobs With CareerBuilder

The Windows Live Expo team added several features to the site in recent weeks, including job listings from CareerBuilder.com.

Is Apple copying Microsoft?

OK, I just watched the Steve Jobs presentation yesterday where he demonstrated iTV for the first time.

Hey ColdFusion Pros, Why Use It?
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Java, Ruby, ASP.NET, PHP, Python, these languages all get the buzz when it comes to online application development. I am curious about why ColdFusion even matters today.

Google Pitching Jobs To SciFi Geeks

When the World Science Fiction Convention, best known as WorldCon, starts up in Anaheim today, some Googlers will be in attendance. One would think Google’s presence at a well-known international conference would be enough to justify sending this writer out to Anaheim to cover the event.

TechCrunch Adds New Gadget Site

If you’re a subscriber to Engadget or Gizmodo, or both, there’s a new gadget site to add to your reading list – CrunchGear.

More Employers Digging Up Digital Dirt
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According job search and recruiting network ExecuNet, only a third of on-the-market executives surveyed have bothered to conduct a vanity search for their name on the major search engines. The ones who haven’t should reconsider, as 77 percent of recruiters are digging up “digital dirt” on them.

Virtual Marketing Jobs

Global Kids, Inc., a New York City based non-profit organization focused on urban youth, is actually looking for someone with experience in working as Second Life Special Trainer.

Search Engines C Demand For Programmers

The need for C/C++ programmers varies among the major search engine companies; Horace Greeley’s advice to go West definitely applies here.

Interested in a Search Marketing Career?

Mike Taylor, of Jobs In Search, has just uploaded audio of his interview with your’s truly.

Changing Jobs? Try the ‘Non-interview’ strategy

What in the world is a “non-interview” strategy?

Is Steve Jobs building a ‘DisneyPod?’

Astute reader Diego Barros noticed this note in Apple’s Shareholders meeting notes:

Recruiter Places Google Maps Developers

I’ve recently been in touch with Christopher Lozinski, a “headhunter” who specializes in placing programmers in hard to find jobs.

Windows Live Shopping

Michael Arrington points out that there is a placeholder at shopping.live.com that says Windows Live Shopping is coming soon.

New Bill A Specter Over Tech Jobs

The Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act Of 2006 submitted by Senator Arlen Specter will be the “final nail in the coffin” for US technology job seekers, with plenty of loopholes for employers to exploit while hiring foreign-born workers at lower wages.

Apple releases new stuff, new blog search engine

Some guy named Steve Jobs was on stage this morning announcing stuff for some computer company in Cupertino.

Bill Gates Wants To Be Steve Jobs

Microsoft has one more thing for Apple: a product announcement on Tuesday afternoon that will follow an Apple “special event” earlier in the day.