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MySpace Parent Company Laying Off 100 Jobs

myspacelogoIn a move that won’t surprise as many people as it would have this time last year, Fox Interactive Media has announced it will be cutting its workforce by as many as 100 jobs. Fox is the parent company of social network site MySpace as well as Photobucket and various mobile sites.

Job Search Web Sites See Big Growth
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Job search was the fastest growing online category in the U.S. in 2008, according to comScore.

The job search category saw the number of visitors grow 51 percent to 18.8 million visitors. The final months of the year usually see a slow down in job searching activity because of the holidays, but were instead some of the most heavily trafficked months of 2008.

Employees Overwhelmingly Confident About Layoffs
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Employees in the U.S. seem to overwhelmingly share a "it won’t happen to me" attitude when it comes to losing jobs. Glassdoor.com has released results from a survey, which found that 4 out of 5 employees have no concerns about being laid off in the next six months.

GlassDoor breaks it down into two categories – companies that have reported upcoming layoffs, and companies that have not:

Election To Impact Indian Outsourcing?
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Reports have been surfacing since last night’s election that while overall, India seems to have embraced the election of Barack Obama as the President of the United States, there have been some worries among the country’s people due to Obama’s position on outsourcing.

Online Job Demand Rising Again
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Monster.comThe number of online jobs went up according to the Monster U.S. Online Jobs Index. The increase marked the end of a three-month decline, indicating that employers are preparing for the fall hiring season. In August, online job availability went up in 14 of the Index’s 20 industry categories and in 13 of the 23 occupational categories measured. Still, the index is 14% lower than it was a year ago.

Google’s 300 DoubleClick Layoffs

Online Job Ads Becoming More Scarce
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Alaska, Nevada, and Delaware are in great shape.  The news isn’t good for the U.S. as a whole, though, as The Conference Board has recorded an annual decline in online advertised job vacancies.

(Lack Of) Growth In Online Job Ads Ominous

More job ads were posted online this February than last, and if the stats stopped there, we’d say they made for good news.  The amount of growth only equaled three percent, however, which isn’t at all encouraging.

In-House SEM Salaries: Quite a Range
Earlier today we discussed some mind boggling statistics about search marketing and its efficacy, see: PPC Ads Are Ignored 88.5% Of The Time!. Another study, this time about search marketers by SEMPO, explores the earning potentials of SEMs.

The salaries actually have a surprising range, with the lowest ones bordering around minimum wages $60/year to the highest ones being around $70,000 a year.

Blogpile On Scoble: He’s Leaving PodTech

After just a year and a half with PodTech.net, reports are surfacing that celebrity A-list blogger and author of Naked Conversations Robert Scoble is leaving the company next month. As a result, he’s really been taking his lumps from other A-listers.

Scoble’s “Fake Steve Jobs” Story

Here’s my Fake Steve Jobs story (Fake Steve Jobs is a blog that pretends it’s written by Apple CEO/co-founder Steve Jobs. It got popular this year and recently it was revealed that a Forbes Magazine employee is its author).

Last week I was getting an iced latte at the new Peets in Half Moon Bay. I was wearing a Blogger T-shirt. Old school. There a lady came up to me and asked “is that the Fake Steve Jobs T-shirt?”

Apple Freed From Option Backdating Lawsuit

Apple received an early holiday present as its request for dismissal of a suit against CEO Steve Jobs and other company executives earned a California judge’s approval.

Gates, Jobs, Dell Named Top IT Personalities
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Another “tops in tech” list has come out, and most of the names you’d expect to see are on it.  What’s surprising, though, is that no one closely connected to Google made the top three; instead, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Michael Dell were voted the most influential IT personalities.

Online Advertised Jobs Decrease

In October there were 4,161,700 online job vacancies advertised, a decrease of 108,300 or -2.5 percent from September, according to The Conference Board Help-Wanted Online Data Series out today.

Best Web Publicity? Go the Content Route

Launching a new product? A new book? Or a new product? If it’s mass consumer-related, you might want to take a leaf out of FakeSteve (Jobs) book, Options.

Fake Steve Jobs (AKA Forbes senior editor Dan Lyons) has been penning the Fake Steve satirical blog of the Apple co-founder to the bemusement of folks in the Valley. With potrayals of Microsoft boss Bill Gates as “Beastmaster Bill” (both Bill and the real Steve are fans of the blog), it’s garnered nothing less than a rabid following.

Fake Steve Jobs: Have You Heard Of oPtion$?

The Secret Life of Steve Jobs endured the bitter challenge of the SEC probing Apple for impropriety, while negative energy spilled around the faux CEO. How’s a genius supposed to instill the world with a childlike sense of wonder under these conditions?

Bernstein Bearish, Says YHOO Should Break Up

Sometimes the whole of something isn’t worth the sum of its parts. An analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein thinks someone needs to do to Yahoo what Bruce Lee used to do to his on-screen foes and bust it into pieces.

Tim Armstrong Sees Toronto Agency Growth

Google’s North American president of advertising, Tim Armstrong, is quoted in a Globe and Mail article today as seeing a proliferation of ad agency jobs as a result of Google’s dominance of the online ad market. Armstrong is in town to "meet with his Canadian team," according to the article.

Steve Jobs Inspires Yahoo

It’s an exciting, strange, and, for Yahoo’s sake, hopefully encouraging piece of news: Steve Jobs gave the search engine company’s executives a pep talk.

Steve Job’s iPhone Price Drop

On Wednesday the news lines were afire as Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs announced a $200 price slash on the iPhone. Ever since the announcement there has been rampant speculation on Job’s move…

Why, why, why?

Jobs Gives In…A Little
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Even though Apple CEO originally told the iPhone faithful – the ones that stood in line even though they didn’t need to – tough titty about this week’s $200 price drop just two months after launch, it looks like he’s throwing them a bone, er, a coupon.

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