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IBM Finds A Place For 14,000 Jobs

And that place is India, as the computer firm discards 13,000 jobs in the United States and Europe.

CodeWeavers Crosses Over To Intel-based Macs

The makers of software that allows Windows applications to run on the Linux platform will support the new Intel-based Macs.

Apple Goes Dual-Chip For The Macintosh

The era of the single processor Power Mac G5 has come to a close, and future machines will have dual-chips.

Winn-Dixie Cuts 22,000 Jobs, Closes 36% of Stores

Winn-Dixie announced yesterday that it will be closing 36% of its stores and cutting 22,000 jobs in an attempt to improve the company’s financial performance.

Developer Thinks Different And Sues Over iTunes

David Contois claims that Apple Computer has infringed on his six-year old design patent.

Beef People To Close Stores, Cut Jobs

Winn-Dixie announced today that it has a new strategy aimed at improving the company’s financial performance, and increasing long-term profits.

CDs From Sony BMG, EMI, Secure Against iPods

Since new compact discs from the two music distributors use Microsoft’s digital rights management, music can’t be moved to an iPod.

BadApple May Bear Good Fruit For Podcasters

A software plug-in for the iTunes Music Store adds a utility to find and download podcasts.

Unicredito and HVB To Cut 9,000 Jobs Upon Merger

If the planned merger of Unicredito and Germany’s HVB Group goes through, the companies plan to cut 9,000 jobs. This would lead to a 50% jump in operating income for the two banks.

9,000 Jobs To Be Cut as Unicredito and HVB Merge

Unicredito is planning to take over Germany’s HVB Group, and cut 9,000 jobs while doing so. The two banks would would see a 50% increase in operating income over three years if this happens.

Speculations Made About Apple’s Relationship With Intel

Recently Apple announced a partnership with Intel. Apple has started using Intel chips in its Macintosh computers, and by 2007 all Apple computers will utilize them.

Apple And Intel Merger Theorized

Legendary pundit Robert X. Cringely thinks there’s more to Apple’s switch to Intel chips besides giving developers a headstart on porting applications.

Apple Generates Interest With Intel Switch

In a little-noticed development at Apple’s WorldWide Developers Conference, the company’s CEO disclosed a hardware change.

GM On A Cost-Cutting Mission, 25,000 Jobs At Stake

General Motors is on a mission to cut costs, and of course that means, cutting jobs. The corporation plans to cut about 25,000 jobs and close assembly and component plants in the U.S. over the next several years.

Apple Newsbites

As the legendary computer company kicks off its WorldWide Developers Conference, Apple makes some big and some little news.

GM To Close Plants, Cut Jobs

General Motors Corp. has plans of cutting about 25,000 jobs in the United States while closing assembly and component plants over the next several years.

New Lenovo Tablet PC shows why Steve Jobs is switching to Intel

To understand why Steve Jobs fired IBM you need to look no further than the Lenovo Thinkpad T41 Tablet PC.

Steve Jobs Says Apple Will Use Intel Chips

A decision that was eleven years in the making became official during the opening of the Apple WorldWide Developers Conference.

Apple Plus Intel Equals Surprised Mac Community

A rumor from mid-May about a possible switch from IBM to Intel chips may be about to become fact at today’s Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference.

Jobs are Temporary: Stress-Free Survival Tips

Jobs end, especially for professionals-and usually without warning.

Camera Phones Challenge Security

Laws have been passed, and internal corporate processes frequently ban them, but camera phones still grow in sales.